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Do Children need Root Canal Treatment?

A visit to the dentist with your child can be stressful at times. Many children naturally have dental carries due to their wrong eating habits. The worse is when they do not brush their teeth in the night before going to sleep which is common in India.

Occasionally when we hear from the dentist that the infection from the carries has touched the root and it is better to do a root canal, we immediately are taken aback. We begin to question what is the logic because we may think that the teeth are anyways primary (milk teeth) and that they will fall automatically as the children grow. So do the children need the root canal treatment after-all? Many times yes. Let us see the reasons point by point.

Under what circumstances your child may require a root canal treatment?

When the child has dental carries that has proceeded to a certain level and if he/she complains of the following, they may require a root canal treatment

o   Constant pain in the dental area

o   Swelling and redness near the dental area where pain has manifested and the carries has gone deep

o   Showing sensitivity to hot and cold foods

Which age group of children are best suited for root canal treatment?

Simply put, if your child still has many years to go to get the secondary teeth ( permanent) but has badly infected primary teeth that can be salvaged by root canal, they are fit to get the treatment. Why so? The reasons are explained below.

Reasons why children require root canal treatment

–          When a primary teeth is lost early due to the infection, it has every potential to interfere in the child’s speaking and learning process.

–          The primary tooth helds on to the space where the permenant tooth will emerge and if they are not salvaged from infection, there will be a large gap which can interfere in the chewing and speaking process too.

–          Sometimes if the infection is too deep, it may start affecting the underlying secondary tooth too and hence it becomes imperative to salvage the primary tooth.

– If the primary teeth is removed because of infection, it may interfere with the secondary tooth’s emerging path and so it makes more sense to salvage the infected tooth with root canal treatment.

When do children do not require root canal treatment even though the tooth is infected badly?

If the dentist ascertains that the child’s infected primary tooth is on its way to fall on its own and a secondary tooth will replace it eventually in a short span of time, then they may not require root canal treatment.

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