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Lava Crown

What is a Lava Crown?

- The porcelain crowns that have a Zirconia framework overlaid with a veneer that comes in different shades is termed a Lava Crown.

- Lava is the trademark of the company that pioneered this technology of using Zirconia substructure.

- They are more appropriately termed as LavaTM Zirconia Crowns.

Generally Speaking , When are Crowns Used?

- When your teeth have decayed beyond a salvage point, or it has cracked or broken due to a fall or a trauma, crowns come in handy to replace them.

- When a person has aged and the teeth have worn down, crowns can be used to restore the functionality of the teeth.

- Also when there is gum disease and the teeth are affected beyond a point, crowns provide a perfect alternative.

Why use Dental Crowns?

  • They provide cover for the damaged tooth
  • They also strengthen the tooth
  • They are aesthetic and improve the overall appearance.

What Kind of Crowns are available?

Metal crowns were used traditionally. Crowns made of Gold were very famous traditionally. But other metal crowns are bogged down by claims of having lead in them. Crowns made of Gold alloys are making a come back for luxury reasons. Dr. Sravanthi, the lead dentist at Expert Dental Care, is of the opinion that both Gold and Lava Crowns offer a good alternative.

Why Choose Lava Crowns?

  • They are strong
  • They fit perfectly
  • They are durable and often lasts long
  • The best part is the aesthetic appeal as they are available in natural tooth shades.
  • They are lead and mercury free.

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