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Tooth Extraction

An Introduction to Tooth Extraction

Generally, at Expert Dental Clinic, we try to salvage your natural tooth from the decay or damage it has undergone by using such methods like Tooth filling, Crown or Root canal treatments. But sometimes the damage to the tooth proceeds beyond a certain point and it cannot be salvaged. The only option unfortunately left behind by our Dentist would be to extract the tooth.

How the tooth is extracted

Normally our dentist takes an X-ray of the tooth that needs extraction. This X-ray helps in understanding how the tooth is positioned, its relation with the neighboring teeth, the relation with a nerve present in the jawbone, and infections if any.
Once the dentist gets a fair idea of the position of the teeth, the dentist then proceeds to give you a sedative. If the tooth is intact with the gum line, a simple extraction is performed using a forceps. If the tooth is crumbling in the gum, then a simple oral surgery is performed where a small incision is made in the gum and then the tooth is extracted.
Very few people who may either have fear of dental treatment, or procedures which may need greater interventions, may need conscious sedation or general anesthesia.
In case of administering conscious sedation, the extraction is carried out after the anesthetist administers the sedation in the dental office. On the other hand, if general anesthesia is to be provided, the extraction is carried out in a surgical theatre.

After Tooth Extraction

The excruciating pain after extracting the tooth subsides with the administration of painkillers. Our dentist would prescribe painkillers for a few days until the pain subsides completely. Generally, there is a swelling in the extracted area and this is quite normal. You can use ice packs to contain the swelling. Ideally, within two weeks the extracted area should heal.

Precautions to be taken after Tooth Extraction

(1) It is generally advised not to smoke after the tooth extraction.

(2) You should take care to avoid hot and spicy food for few days after the extraction.

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