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Trauma / Accidents

What is an Oral Trauma?

Any accidents, minor or major that causes physical injuries to the oral region is termed as oral trauma. Accidents can cause simple trauma like chipping or fall of the tooth, or they can be complex in nature that they warrant reconstruction of the oral region to restore the function and aesthetics of the oral region.

Few Examples of Oral Trauma

  • Different types of tooth fracture
  • Injuries to the periodontal apparatus like tooth getting loosened, tooth getting jammed into the socket and tooth getting knocked off.
  • Fractures to the socket wall, maxilla, and mandible
  • Laceration of the lips and gingiva

Factors that Increase the Chances of Oral Trauma

Many factors can increase the risk of oral trauma. They include children being energetic which might induce frequent fall, sports activity, military training in adults, physical abuse and unexpected road or rail accidents which are beyond our control.

Treatment of Oral Trauma

The dentist would assess the trauma and accordingly envisage a treatment plan. The lesser the impact of the trauma, the simpler the treatment procedure gets. If the trauma is so complex and painful that it has caused disfigurement, then the treatment plan would include maxillofacial surgeries to bring back the functionality and aesthetics of the oral region. Prosthetic rehabilitation might also be planned if they are required at the latest stage.

Prevention of Oral Trauma

Not all oral trauma is preventable. However, if your child is hyperactive or is involved in any sports, they can be encouraged to wear mouthguards when they play their favorite sports. Even adults who are involved in any sports or are involved in military or para-military activities that have activities that are combative in nature, mouthguards can be worn.

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