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4 Common Reasons why Dental Implants can fail

Losing teeth is a traumatic event. Even more traumatic is the hesitation to smile after losing teeth. Dental implants are a perfect way not only to restore the lost teeth but they are also a perfect way to restore the lost confidence. The perfect non-hesitant smile you exude after getting dental implants cannot be expressed in words – It is rather a wonderful feeling. But can the dental implants fail? Yes, for some they can fail. Here are the reasons why a dental implant can fail from the patient’s end.

4 Common Reasons for Dental Implants Failure from Patient’s Side

Poor Overall Health / Poor Immune System

If a patient’s overall health is poor then the dental implants can fail. The dentists do their best to avoid giving dental implants if the patient has severe health conditions like uncontrolled high blood sugar. It has to be mentioned that diabetic patients with controlled blood sugar can get dental implants normally. Few patients have a compromised immune system or a very weak immune system. The lower the immunity, the lower is the acceptability of the body to the dental implants. If the patient is under radiation or chemotherapy, the overall health of the patient is compromised.

Poor Oral Hygiene

If the patient does not have the habit of practicing good oral care, there is a fair chance of poor maintenance. If this is left unchecked, it can culminate in the failure of dental implants.

Non-Maintenance of Post Surgical Instructions

The dentist would definitely instruct the patient to follow a diet which excludes hard food for a specific number of days or weeks after getting the implant. Non-adherence to this diet and eating anything as they wish can bring disaster to the just-laid implants. Also, the patient would have been instructed to clean the oral region after eating. Also, the dentist would have stressed the importance of dental visits at regular intervals. If all the above points are not adhered to, then the probability of dental implant failure can be high.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco

Smoking or chewing tobacco can reduce the oxygen content in the oral area. Oxygen is vital to the healing process. Another important point is when smoking, there is no proper blood circulation in the oral region. A proper blood circulation is necessary for the healing and the subsequent integration of the dental implants into the jaw bones.

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