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4 Myths about Dental Lasers

Although dental lasers have been in the market for a long time, it is just beginning to fulfill its true potential. Unlike before, today’s dental lasers are better than ever. But there are several myths that surround dental lasers and the treatment involving dental lasers. These myths make several people weary on laser dentistry and as a result, they do not accrue the real benefit what dental lasers can bring about. Here we debunk the 4 most common myths about dental lasers.

Myth-1: Lack of speed in Laser Dental treatments

This myth has its roots in the early days of dental lasers. During the initial days of laser technology, dental lasers were comparatively slower than a conventional drill. But that is not the case anymore. We have travelled a long way since then. The dental lasers today have newer wavelengths that are highly efficient and cuts at the speed of a conventional drill.

Myth-2: Not all Laser treatments are Anesthesia-free

Reports show that about 95% of the procedures can be performed anesthesia-free using lasers. But sometimes some patients request anesthesia as a way to reduce their anxiety before the procedure. Newer advancements in Laser dentistry allow for faster cutting at low settings and computerized controls to optimize the laser beam for different procedures.

Myth-3: Lasers can expose you to radiation and cause cancer

Lasers use amplified light and not harmful ionizing radiation. In general, lasers are not harmful and mostly behave like ordinary light in their interaction with our body. In fact, sunlight causes more harm than dental lasers. Most modern lasers use the selective photo-thermolysis which completely eliminates the risk of burns caused by lasers.

Myth-4: Lasers are expensive

Laser treatments are not expensive per se. The number of sittings a person has to undergo in laser treatment is comparatively lesser than conventional treatment methods. It is also to be noted that the possibility of a re-infection is also negligible in laser treatments. So, in conclusion, laser treatment is neither expensive nor cheap. They are comparable to conventional dental treatments in terms of expenses but offer a more superior treatment quality for some dental treatments.

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