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6 Questions patients ask about Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, commonly known as dental caps or just caps are hollow artificial prosthodontic devices that are designed and created in the form of a natural tooth. Dental crowns are made of different materials to suit different types of teeth. They are used for different dental procedures in adults and in children. Here are some of the 6 commonly asked questions about Dental crowns and the answers to them.

1) Why do I need a dental crown?

There are many procedures after which dental crowns are recommended by dentists to prevent further dental damage. When a large cavity that measures half or more than half the width of the tooth, needs to be filled, it may need to be covered by a crown. This is recommended because the remaining tooth is weak and susceptible to breakage or fracture.

One such procedure is a root canal treatment. After a root canal treatment, the structural integrity of the tooth is reduced and so it is prone to fracture. Hence a dental crown provides great support to the treated tooth.

If cusps or the pointed region of your teeth is broken, a dental crown is advised. This is because, in the absence of the cusps, the rest of the tooth is put on the extra strain. Long term strain can cause a tooth to fracture. Here too dental crowns give a lending hand in strengthening the tooth.

2) Will, a crown look like natural teeth?

A crown will be made to suit and fit your mouth seamlessly. Even if only one crown is required, the dentists will make the crown to match the colour of your existing teeth. So yes, a crown perfectly resembles a natural tooth.

3) How many sitting does it take for dental crowns?

It usually takes 2 sittings to place a dental crown. The first session involves preparing the tooth for the placement of the crown, taking an impression of the tooth over which the crown is placed, and fixing a temporary crown. The second session involves placing and cementing the permanent dental crown.

4) Can a crowned tooth get decayed?

Crowns are artificial caps that are made up of inorganic materials like porcelain. The crown will never get decayed but the tooth beneath the crown can get decayed if the oral hygiene is poorly maintained. When the underlying tooth gets decayed, the crown will loosen and fall off eventually. That is why it is imperative to do your regular dental visits.

5) How long will a crown last?

Dental crowns usually have a long life and they can easily last more than 10 years. Chewing hard food, grinding or clenching your teeth or maintaining poor oral hygiene can damage the crown or the underlying tooth. It is recommended to brush, floss and rinse your mouth with anti-bacterial mouthwash every day, twice a day to make your crown last long.

6) Is a Root Canal treatment required to place a crown?

Mostly yes. Most teeth that require root canal treatment require a crown.

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