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Cavities in wisdom teeth – A real problem



Cavities are formed when film of dental plaque stays on the tooth surface for longer period of time. This bacterial film after causing cavities damages the teeth. Wisdom teeth are no expcetion to this rule and even they are susceptible to cavities. But you would be astonished with the fact that wisdom teeth are more prone to cavities. Let us understand this more.

Wisdom Teeth are more prone to cavities

  • The wisdom teeth are generally hard to clean as they are located at the fag end inside the jaw. So the probability of missing out on the teeth by many of us during the brushing process is quite high. Because of lack of adequate care, the wisdom teeth are susceptible to dental caries.
  • Also the wisdom teeth might not be straight in many cases. They would have erupted in an angle making the cleaning process even more challenging. This challenge makes the wisdom teeth more susceptible to dental caries.
  • The next level challenge is to find if your wisdom teeth are having cavities. The angular tilt of the wisdom teeth makes seeing in plain sight a challenging task to check if they have cavities.

Cleaning and Filling the Wisdom Teeth

  • A general visit to the dentist can determine if the wisdom teeth are healthy with no cavities.
  • If your dentist finds that the wisdom teeth are having cavities and they are not deep, the dentist might clean the teeth and do some filling.
  • Though the cleaning and filling has been done, the wisdom teeth are still prone for decay if the teeth are again not properly maintained. A recurrent decay is not ruled out and the probability of this recurrent decay is very high in case of wisdom teeth.
  • If your dentist finds that the wisdom teeth are having cavities and are deep, then you might wonder if root canal treatment procedure can be done in place of cleaning and filling. Because of varied anatomy like curved roots the dentist would take a call whether the root canal treatment is feasible or not.
  • In case the wisdom teeth show signs of deep cavity, then the best solution is to extract the wisdom tooth completely. This is what your dentist would recommend.

Conclusion – Dr. Sravanthi, one of the best dentist in KIlpauk checks for the health of wisdom teeth for a patient in every visit. Dr. Sravanthi is of the opinion that extraction of wisdom teeth is a better solution than cleaning and filling them if the wisdom tooth has not erupted totally..

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