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Discoloured Fillings

Replace Discoloured Fillings with Attractive Alternatives

Sometimes over the years, fillings in the teeth become discoloured and look unattractive. Besides making one feeling self-conscious, discoloured fillings prevent people from smiling, talking or laughing naturally. It is very necessary to visit your dentist from time to time for a detailed check up. Fillings that are old will cause further problems as they would also be defective. This causes a gap to be formed between the filling and the tooth with lodging of bacteria and debris which will result in dental decay.

Regular appointments with the dentist will help to keep your fillings in good condition with innovative methods. Your dentist will check the fillings and replace them if they are in a bad condition. You can decide with the dentist’s advice on which of the fillings should be replaced immediately. With the trends in dentistry reaching new heights, patients can receive state-of-art treatment with procedures which are quick and painless and a choice of dental filling materials which would regain confidence.

Treatment options for replacement of discoloured fillings include new and attractive solutions. If the tooth is severely damaged, the tooth may need Root Canal Treatment followed by a crowns or caps. Composite or bonding fillings that are the same colour of the teeth are an excellent way to improve your smile and can be used in the visible parts of the teeth. Inlays and Onlays can be used as custom-made fillings to repair large and unattractive fillings. Teeth that have been damaged by defective fillings can be camouflaged with Porcelain Veneers which offer a natural look.

The other options for getting rid of old and unsightly fillings is by using mercury free composite white fillings. Contemporary or white fillings match the colour of the teeth and are ideal as they look better than the old-fashioned silver filling. Very little drilling is required with removal of only a smaller amount of the tooth structure when white fillings are used. The strength of the tooth or teeth is regained with white fillings avoiding breakages. Moreover the composite filling bond with the tooth preventing any micro leakages (which contribute for secondary caries), unlike amalgam fillings which do not bond with tooth at all. Restoration of teeth with white fillings offers less sensitivity of the teeth to cold and hot beverages or foods unlike amalgam fillings.

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