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Do not let your anxiety stop you from getting your Dental Implants

Many emotions run in your mind when you are yet to decide on the dental implants. The thoughts that run in your mind are the hesitation in getting a metal part added to your body structures and of course the pain factor. For some, the perceived pain that they might experience when they get their dental implants nearly puts them off. Here are some facts that can help allay your anxiety in getting dental implants.

The Metal in the Dental Implants

Dental Implants are made of titanium and the metal is both super strong and is extremely biocompatible. This means they are readily integrated by the body. Some people are carried away by the myth that when they have implants, metal detectors will beep as they pass inside the detection systems. There is no truth in this. Also, some think that with metals in their body, they cannot get into the MRI scan system. This notion is also unfounded as the metal present is negligible in volume and as such, they do not react to the magnetic field produced by the MRI.

The Pain Factor on getting Dental Implants – Getting Dental Implants is a Painless Procedure

The advancement in sedation dentistry has ensured that many painful dental procedures have become painless. If your anxiety level is optimal, the dentist would administer anesthesia. The area where the dental implants are laid becomes totally numb and the dentist can work to fix the implants. If your anxiety level is high that you will feel disturbed when the dental implants are getting laid, your dentist has the option of administering intravenous sedation. In this type of sedation, you will be put to sleep and the dentist will work on you to fix the dental implants. You will never remember the sounds, smells and any odors associated with the dental visits. Take care to bring someone with you when you are getting sedation administered.

Few tips before you visit the Dentist for getting your Dental Implants

  • Talk to your dentist about the procedures you will undergo and tell the dentist about your anxiety level clearly. It helps the dentists to plan the sedation when you visit to get your implants.
  • You can talk to some of your acquaintances who have got dental implants. Do not restrict to asking about the pain element alone. Ask them how dental implants have changed their looks, aesthetics and life experiences.
  • On the previous night, eat and sleep well. Instead of thinking about the pain think of the positive change the dental implant is going to make to your smile in particular and your life in general.
  • Also, think about the jaw bone loss you are going to suffer and how the other adjacent teeth are also going to get affected if you are not going to get your dental implants.

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