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Patient Education

Brushing Technique

Proper brushing is a basic prerequisite to maintaining a good dental hygiene. It should not take more than two minutes to brush your teeth following proper techniques.

Following are the points and techniques to keep in mind when you brush your teeth.

(1) Be gentle with your teeth when you brush your teeth.

(2) Do not forget to include the gumline when you brush your teeth. Remember they also need to be clean from gum related diseases.

(3) Place the brush at 45° angle to the gum and gently start to roll the brush in such a way that the action resembles pushing something off the gum. So for the upper gumline you would be gently brushing it down and for the lower gumline you would be gently brushing it up.

(4) Now place the brush against each tooth and roll over gently giving a back-and-forth stroke to both the inner and the outer side of the tooth. Also, take care to brush the chewing surface of the teeth. Repeat this for each and every tooth gently and diligently.

(5) After your gum and teeth are brushed, gently brush your tongue too. This action helps in cleaning the thin filmy bacterial layer that may be sticking to your tongue surface.

(6) Never go hard on your teeth and gums while you brush your teeth. It may damage the enamel coating over a period of time.

Flossing Technique

Flossing is a technique used to remove food particles that are stuck in the crevices between the gum and the tooth. Flossing is essential over and above brushing the teeth because brushing cannot remove all the food particles stuck.

Following are the proper techniques of flossing.

(1) Deroll around 16-20 inches of floss thread from the floss container.

(2) Begin to wind the thread onto both the middle fingers holding with both the thumbs leaving 2-3 inches to work with your teeth.

(3) In the same position, where the floss thread is wound to both the middle fingers held by the thumbs, slowly insert the floss thread into the gum beneath the lower tooth and gently move it up. Any food particle stuck should come out by this action. Similarly, repeat for all teeth. Make sure you roll down the thread gently in case you are flossing the upper teeth.

(4) Once flossing is finished for all teeth, rinse your mouth thoroughly.

(5) Rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash with Hexidine is always recommended.

Removable Denture Maintenance

Proper maintenance of removable denture is a must to keep them clean and free from infectious things. Following are the proper maintenance methods for the dentures.

(1) After eating always remove the dentures and clean them. You may clean them by placing below running water. You can take extra care by placing a towel or a soft linen just to protect the denture should it fall down accidentally. Never use hot water to rinse the dentures.

(2) Brush your dentures daily using a soft toothbrush but never use it along with a toothpaste as it can be abrasive.

(3) Soak your dentures overnight daily in water or the denture-soaking solution. Your denture needs to be moist to keep it in shape. Take care to rinse it thoroughly in the morning if it is soaked in the solution so that the dentures become free of harmful chemicals.

(4) If your dentures are loose and not fitting properly you need to schedule a visit to your Dentist immediately and consult.

(5) Always brush, floss, rinse and clean your mouth also thoroughly before you put on the dentures after cleaning them.

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