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Preventive Dentistry

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Our teeth have a lot of fissures and pits on the surface which makes food to easily get stuck. That is why it is advised to brush and floss your teeth diligently. But irrespective of how much we brush and floss, sometimes if the fissures and pits are more than normal, food particles invariably get stuck. In such a scenario, pit and fissure sealants come in handy.
A pit and fissure sealant is a thin white coating which is applied to the chewing surface of the teeth. This sealant creates a rather smooth surface where food generally slides past them without getting stuck. It also releases fluoride which protects the teeth from dental caries.
This preventive method can be a boon to children who indulge in relishing chocolates and candies. Also, adults who easily get their teeth decay can also try and get their teeth sealed with such sealants.
It has to be understood that applying this sealant does not mean brushing and flossing of the teeth has to be stopped. Those routine activities of maintaining your oral hygiene have to be continued always.

Fluoride Treatment in Clinic

Our dentist applies fluoride varnish on to the teeth as part of the preventive dentistry to patients who are highly susceptible to dental caries. This coating of fluoride strengthens the enamel coating of the teeth. A strong enamel translates to a strong tooth which can fight dental carries effectively.

Using Medicated Pastes at Home

As part of the preventive dentistry at home, our dentist strongly recommends using medicated toothpastes at home. These medicated toothpastes are to be applied on to the teeth after your normal brushing in the night before going to sleep. These medicated toothpastes have fluoride, calcium, and phosphate that are present in ionic form. These mineral ions present in the toothpaste aids in the remineralization of the teeth and hence provide more strength to them.

Mouth Guards / Sports Guards

Mouth guards are coverings worn over the teeth. Most mouth guards are worn by sportsmen to prevent injury to the teeth. If children have teeth grinding problem, they are also recommended to wear protective mouth guards. Many types of mouth guards are available and ask your dentist which one would fit better before buying one.

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