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A brief on Dental Cleaning during Orthodontic Treatment

Most of us think that more plaque and tartar can be formed as a result of wearing braces. Is there an element of truth in it? Actually, it is quite true. The brackets, wires and rubber bands that crisscross the teeth make it difficult to maintain and hence the notion. Here is a brief on dental cleaning while wearing braces or during your orthodontic treatment.

What makes wearing braces prone to the plaque?

  • Some plaque remains after brushing with specialized orthodontic brushes too. This happens even if the individual diligently brushes and flosses the teeth with extreme care.
  • The plaque so remaining is generally seen to accumulate around the brackets of the braces.
  • The accumulating plaque demineralizes the teeth.
  • The plaque also slowly begins to affect the gumline.
  • If the plaque in the gumline is not checked, it may cause inflammation of the gums. An inflammation on the gum if left unchecked can cause gingivitis.

How to tackle Gingivitis while wearing braces?

  • Gingivitis is indicated if the gums are swollen and are bleeding. Sometimes the swelling can also be due to hormones. The exact reason can be pinpointed after a visit to your dentist who has done the orthodontic treatment.
  • If your dentist confirms that gingivitis is indeed present, your dentist would do a professional dental cleaning. In any case, your dentist would recommend the frequency of dental cleaning required during the orthodontic treatment. Make it a point to stick to the routine your dentist recommends.
  • Use orthodontic brushes and a soft-bristled toothbrush to reach out to the nook and corner of the teeth surface and diligently brush your teeth. Brushing the teeth with the braces worn is a literal pain. But if you need the desired result from the orthodontic treatment and at the same time if you do not want to compromise on the oral hygiene, spending that extra time brushing your teeth is definitely going to help you.
  • Flossing needs to be done diligently too. Normal floss would be difficult to reach the entire depth between the teeth while you are wearing braces. A variety of floss called Pikster is very convenient and reaches the depth of the space between the teeth.
  • Water floss is indeed an absolutely convenient way to floss and clean the crevices between the teeth. They are actually an effortless to way to floss the teeth surrounded with braces.
  • Your dentist would recommend any specific mouth wash to be used if there is a reason to believe that they can help fight the gingivitis.

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