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How to correct a worn down and discolored teeth?

Worn down teeth? What is that? Worn down teeth are those teeth that have got severely impacted and affected due to repeated wearing. Most often the teeth wearing may be mild but sometimes they are too severe that they lose their shape and is visible as flat structures that are heavily discoloured. So let us talk more about them.

Worn Down Teeth – Are they common?

Most dentists report that after dental carries and various gum diseases, wearing down of teeth are pretty common. They also report a steady increase in number of worn down teeth cases.

Grinding is the primary reasons why teeth can get worn down

–          Also called clenching, the grinding of upper and lower teeth can happen due to routine actions like eating, swallowing and speaking.

–          Grinding can also happen because some people may have the habit of biting the upper and lower teeth-line more often.

–          Due to stress the grinding of teeth can happen in the night time when we are fast asleep. This action may not be in our full control. The only control mechanism is to control the stress itself.

–          Sometimes when we are faced with hard situations or tasks we might tend to grind our teeth.

Other reasons apart from grinding that are responsible for worn down teeth

–          Drinking colas and other beverages that have mild chemicals and acid in them that are supposed to be very corrosive on the tooth enamel.

–          Chewing very hard food or biting hard substances may also be responsible for wearing of teeth.

How to correct worn down teeth?

Worn down teeth are mostly discolored heavily. They can be restored with the following dental procedures.

Dental Bonding using composite resins

If the wear is mild then composite resins can be used to lengthen the worn down part of the teeth. Dental bonding procedures can be applied to give back that natural look.

Dental Crowns

If the wearing of the teeth is severe, restoring them by dental crowns offers by far the best solution.

Bite Guard

After getting any form of restoration, if the grinding has been attributed due to the wrong bites in the night, you can wear bite guard to prevent any further grinding of teeth in the night time.

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