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Can Dental Braces cause loose teeth?

Dental braces are the best treatment available for correcting the alignment of teeth. Having understood from the dentist the need to correct your teeth or your child’s teeth alignment is the best way forward and you have done it. But after you wear a brace, you or your child might complain that the teeth are somewhat loose. Does that mean your dental braces have caused your teeth to loosen? Let us find out.

The Day After Wearing Dental Braces

After fitting your dental braces, you will definitely have a weird feeling in your mouth as you are not used to a different object sitting in your dental area. So you will experience a sort of weird nagging for a couple of days until you get used to it.

You will be surprised to know that your brace fitted teeth starts shifting within 2-3 days after the dental braces are fitted according to your dentist plan. This shift might make you think that the teeth has become loose. You might also observe sometimes that new spaces are beginning to appear between teeth which was hitherto not present.

You need to be rest assured that all this is normal when you have just begun wearing dental braces. This is exactly how the teeth begin to shift and reposition itself to the desired position.

Changes in your dental region after wearing dental braces

  • The teeth begin to shift gently and you might feel they have become loose.

  • New space might appear between teeth where there were no space prior. This space will eventually close as months pass.

Opinion of Dr Sravanthi, the top dentist in Chennai on teeth loosening due to braces

Dr Sravanthi maintains that there is no loosening of teeth due to wearing of braces. She explains that the shifting teeth gives a feeling of teeth becoming loose. Dr Sravanthi is of the opinion that after wearing braces, the patients should let know the dentist about how they feel in every sitting. The dentists would anyways check the braces and their fitting during routine examination and provide solutions that may be apt. Dr Sravanthi prefers self-ligating braces to conventional braces to prevent any bone loss due to orthodontic treatments.

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