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Role of Laser in Cosmetic Dentistry

Role of Laser in Cosmetic Dentistry

The therapies that are present in cosmetic dentistry are aimed to uplift the aesthetic aspect of your mouth. Traditionally, in cosmetic treatments, restorative dentistry utilizes mechanical or rotary instruments. The traditional approach towards cosmetic dentistry is changing with the increased integration of lasers in the field. With the current emphasis on cosmetic concerns, lasers are […]

8 Common Dental Treatments that use Laser

Innovations are always happening around us and dentistry is not an exception. Use of laser in the field of dentistry has been one of the significant development. Laser in low frequencies is known to be beneficial and safe. The no scalpel, no blood, no pain philosophy of laser dentistry is indeed innovative. Laser dentistry has […]

Top 6 factors to look for in a Dental Clinic in Chennai

A healthy teeth are a prerequisite to a healthy body. Dental health is part and parcel of your overall health. Many research have pointed to the fact that a good dental health contributes to your overall health. So when you decide to diligently maintain a good oral health and go for regular checkups, we may […]

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