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3 Options for Teeth Whitening

The beauty of smile is well-aligned and bright white teeth. If either of it is missing then well, the smile becomes incomplete. On a recent research made by the American Association of Orthodontists, it was found that nearly 90 percent of the patients insisted on white teeth for a beautiful smile. Discussing below various options for teeth whitening which is well-popular and widespread in use along with moderate and severe side-effect it leads to.


There are basically three options for doing teeth whitening:

  • Chairside Bleaching
  • At-House Bleaching
  • Whitening Toothpastes

In brief, the chairside bleaching otherwise referred as In-Office Bleaching requires visiting the Dentist in his office to take the whitening treatment. The advantage of opting chairside bleaching is protection.

Firstly, the Dentist will apply a gel to protect the gums from getting affected with the bleaching agents. Secondly, he will bleach the teeth with utmost care and with timely procedures. Along with this, laser will be used to enhance the whitening process with its source of energy.

As the word signifies, at-house bleaching could be done by the patients themselves at their home at their leisure. Here, there are two methods to bleach the teeth.

  • Using Teeth Shaped Whiteners with Gel:

The whiteners contain peroxide and is used by spreading whitening gel to the teeth shaped strip and by placing it on the teeth. The strip should be used by following the direction of use mentioned on the pack and should be removed after half an hour. These strips are in general made of polythene. And the concentration of the bleaching agent will be less than used by the Dentist at his office to avoid gum damage.

  • Using Other Whitening Strips:

The other type of whitening strips is that which has the capability to dissolve in an instant when it comes in contact with saliva. These strips need not be removed and perhaps the teeth whitening strips are always an easy, safe and cheaper way to whitening the teeth.

Teeth Whitening strips

The whole purpose of whitening toothpastes is to remove stains from the teeth. Incase, if the toothpastes are needed to be used for bleaching, then look for ADA approved whitening toothpastes which will remove extra stains from the teeth.

Practice any of these above mentioned whitening procedures and obtain visible white shine with proper care and protection.

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