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8 Common Dental Treatments that use Laser

Innovations are always happening around us and dentistry is not an exception. Use of laser in the field of dentistry has been one of the significant development. Laser in low frequencies is known to be beneficial and safe. The no scalpel, no blood, no pain philosophy of laser dentistry is indeed innovative. Laser dentistry has been around since the early 90’s. Here are few dental treatments that employ a laser.

  • Treating Tooth Decay – Laser in low frequencies are said to kill harmful oral pathogens. One of the greatest advantages of the laser is they sterilize the area where they have been beamed for treatment. So they are used to treat dental decay before they could be filled with composite fillings.
  • Root Canal Treatment – Laser is primarily used in sterilizing the infected root canal.
  • Treating Gum Inflammation – They help subside any inflammation in the gum.
  • Teeth Whitening – Low-intensity laser is used in the teeth whitening process. Here laser helps in speeding up the processes of whitening.
  • Treatment of Gummy Smile – Low-frequency laser can be employed to remove the extra gum that has been hiding the crown of the teeth. The gums are contoured using laser and this is achieved with less blood loss.
  • Removal of tissues for biopsy – Laser can be used in biopsy too. They can be used to remove small tissues in the oral area if the dentist suspects oral tumor or cancer. This small tissue removed using laser can be sent to a laboratory to rule out the presence of cancer cells. The tissue removal in the conventional method is usually painful. The removal of tissues by a laser is less painful.
  • Treatment of oral tumor – The less frequency laser can be used in removing benign tumor cells that are found in the oral region.
  • Treating Gum Diseases – Gingivitis and periodontal diseases manifest as a result of varying degrees of infection to the gums. Low-intensity lasers can play a very significant role in treating the infected gums. The pathogen killing properties and the minimal tissue damage caused by laser makes it an attractive option.

If you suffer from any of the above-listed ailments, visit Expert Dental Care and get your treatment done through laser. We shall be happy to help you.

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