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Advancement in Dental Materials

The usage of dental equipment to mend and restore tooth structures changes regularly to benefit the patient and clinician. Innovative methods and technologies have enhanced the reliability and inevitability of dental materials for the dentists. A dental material used to treat oral cavity must assure some of the basic perquisite: firstly they must be similar to tooth structures in their physical and mechanical properties, defend against masticatory forces, and have an appearance alike to natural dentin and enamel.

The remedial materials used must generally complete form, function, esthetics, and biocompatibility. However, the ideal material does not exist because many do not fulfill all prerequisites. Fortunately, recent advances in material science have closed the gap significantly.

Materials in Dentistry

Painless Procedures

Materials are advanced to a stage where the treatments could cause no more pain. To treat tooth decay, a dentist uses a disinfectant, activated by laser to treat than to use injection and drilling. This procedure has completely eliminated drill and fill.

Preventive Dentistry

Dentistry has seen advancement especially in the materials used in preventive dentistry, a complete system for dental prevention which includes products for expert tooth cleaning in the dental practice. Besides, the products are also simple to use and available in a variety of flavors which will help to convince the patients that prevention is best.

Dental Ceramics

Dental technology has shown the way to the growth of new materials such as heat-pressed, injection-molded, and slip-cast ceramics and glass-ceramics. Perhaps the foremost developments in materials for all-ceramic restorations are also addressed.

Lasers and Scan

Development in dental materials has lead to the choice of new options to keep the teeth healthy. High-tech X-rays, the Cone Beam CT Scan is way more accurate and fast compared to standard X-ray techniques. It is used by Radiologists and more recently and prevalently by Dentists who will need a clear visualization of the teeth and jaws while providing endodontic and implant diagnosis.

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