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Top 6 factors to look for in a Dental Clinic in Chennai

A healthy teeth are a prerequisite to a healthy body. Dental health is part and parcel of your overall health. Many research have pointed to the fact that a good dental health contributes to your overall health. So when you decide to diligently maintain a good oral health and go for regular checkups, we may wonder what factors to look for in a dental clinic in your city and particularly the factors that are opined as the best for dental clinic in Chennai.

The Top Factors that make up a best dental clinic in Chennai

  1. Exterior – The exterior of the dental clinic has to be clean and tidy. A clean exterior often translates to interiors being maintained super tidy. Give a thumbs up if you find the dental clinic in Chennai having a mini garden set up outside with few exterior plants.
  2. Reception Area / Waiting Area – The dental clinic should have seating facility for the visiting patients. A beautiful ambiance of the reception with a couple of interior plants does magic.6– The waiting area with magazines, a television and displays with messages on dental hygiene gives a nice feel.
  3. Air-conditioning – Chennai heat is unbearable during summers and hence a dental clinic in Chennai with air conditioning is a must. The waiting area or the reception too should be fitted with air-conditioning.
  4. Washroom – The tidiness of any premise can be found out by visiting the restrooms. If the restrooms are maintained clean, then you can be rest assured that the entire property is kept clean and neat.
  5. Parking – A dental clinic with dedicated parking facility for patients is a rarity. So the best option available is to check if the dental clinic is located in an inner area where you can utilize the by-lanes to park your vehicles.
  6. Distance From your Home – It is fine if the best dental clinic in Chennai is within a 10 km radius from your home. It is not a necessity that it needs to be in your immediate neighborhood. For example if you live in Kolathur or Moolakadai, a dental clinic in Kilpauk should be fine. Likewise, if you live in Vadapalani or Saligramam, a dental clinic in Porur should also be fine as long as it satisfies the above five conditions and we are comfortable with the dentist.

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