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9 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Briefly speaking, impacted wisdom tooth is the non emergence of the wisdom tooth fully due to the direction of its emergence and the overlying bone. This condition may occur in both men and women, and anyone may get it blame it on genetics. Dr. Sravanthi, the lead Dentist in Chennai at Expert Dental Care,recommends you to watch out for the warning signs listed below to identify the problem rightly and seek dental help.

The 9 Warning Signs

(1)    Pain in the back of the mouth where the wisdom tooth or the third molar are supposed to emerge.

(2)    Gums may become swollen. The swelling is due to the improperly or partial emergence of the wisdom tooth in undesirable position. The so swollen gum would be tender and may bleed at times.

(3)    A general swelling around the jaw area. Since any problem in the teeth and gum affects the overall mouth area, the jaw is invariably affected.

(4)    The glands in the oral area too can develop swelling because of the impact.

(5)    As a consequence of the swelling, one may experience difficulty in opening and closing the mouth.

(6)    The impact can cause bad breath (halitosis) too in some cases.

(7)    Because of the swelling and the difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, there can be pain in the ear as all these parts are closely connected. Most of the time the patients report the underlying pain to an ENT specialist than a dentist.

(8)    Since the jaw joint also runs in the same area, head ache may also manifest as a result.

(9) Problems with the tooth next to the partially emerged or emerging wisdom tooth

Your prudence lies in detecting these early warning signs and visit your dentist immediately. At Expert Dental Care, Dr. Sravanthi recommends using panolipse x-ray, a diagnostic method used to confirm the presence of impacted wisdom tooth.

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