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Are you too old for dental implants?

The changed lifestyle and food have not coped with dental health. The multi-fold increase in sugar (read as carbohydrate also) consumption has a direct bearing on the health of the teeth. Poor oral hygiene often translates to fallen teeth, loose teeth and presence of teeth that are completely decayed in the old age. The old and elderly are left with no choice but to go in for dental implants. But what is the age limit to have a dental implant? Let us explore.

Life Expectancy Increase and Decline in Oral Health

Life expectancy has increased overall over the past decades throughout the globe. Advancements in the field of medicine and general healthcare has made this possible. The steady researches that are happening in the field of healthcare has ensured continued advancement in the field that has led to this phenomenal success in increasing the life expectancy. At the same time, dental health has declined steadily over decades and now more and more people are reporting dental issues. As we age the dental issues galore.

The single most important reason is the dramatic increase in sugar consumption that has left our teeth vulnerable to oral germs. It is not uncommon to find many in their 50’s too having their teeth completely decayed.

Problems an aged faces due to dental issues

  • Aged persons with poor dental health forcefully withdraws themselves from the society. If they have less teeth or if they have teeth that have completely decayed they are forced to withdraw.

  • The non-presence of teeth or poorly maintained teeth are also an impediment to eating healthy. Since they cannot chew or masticate the food properly, ailments due to poor nutrition is very common among the aged.

  • Generally the aged person would also suffer from osteoporosis. This condition is due to bone loss and they would definitely suffer from bone loss in the jaw.

Can old people get dental implants?

Absolutely yes. Any old person, no matter what their age is can get dental implants. Age is not at all a criteria when it comes to getting a dental implant done. This is true even if there is considerable bone loss in the jaw region. As a matter of fact even a 85 year old patient can get dental implants done. Simply put, dental implants are for all.

What kind of dental implants are suitable for the aged?

  • If the old person has individual teeth missing, then single dental implants are recommended.

  • If three teeth are missing in a row then multiple teeth dental implants that employ a bridge in between (implant-supported bridge) are recommended.

  • If there are more number of teeth that are missing and the remaining teeth always have decayed beyond salvage point, then the entire teeth are extracted and full dental implants are recommended.

  • If affordability is an issue, the aged person can always opt for a semi-fixed option called implant-supported overdentures (the entire denture is supported by two implants fixed in the jaw).

Dr Sravanthi, the top dentist in Chennai’s opinion about Dental implants for the aged.

Dr Sravanthi has many years of experience in placing dental implants and in her experience she has given implants to many aged patients too. Dr Sravanthi opines that even under extreme bone loss, old patients can be fitted with dental implants. But Dr Sravanthi warns that if the aged person has any existing heart condition, or uncontrollable diabetes then dental implants cannot be an option due to complications or failure.

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