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Smile with confidence – The various non-surgical smile designing procedures

Many non-surgical smile designing techniques can be used to correct your not so confident smile. When you have conditions like teeth discoloration, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, cracked teeth or short teeth, they can be subjected to cosmetic makeover or non-surgical smile designing procedures as underlined below.

Non-surgical Smile Designing Procedures at Dental Clinics

  1. Teeth Cleaning – Yes, we are not joking. Sometimes the teeth and gums are not so cleanly maintained that they have food particles inside them. In India, most people have not heard of flossing and have never done it in their life. So it is not uncommon to find people with white layer of food and dirt in between their teeth. A proper cleaning involves removing plaque and tartar around the gum-line. The dentist would scrap your teeth using a scaler. In this way, sometimes your teeth may acquire its original sparkle.

  2. Teeth Whitening – This procedure is for people with teeth that are more yellowish. A yellowish teeth-line might be normal and healthy as no teeth are sparkling white. But many would not like to see a yellowish teeth because they are considered not so attractive. Also sometimes the teeth might be discolored due to other reasons like smoking, consuming too much of coffee and other beverages that might discolor your teeth. You can now choose different shades of whites to whiten your teeth. In-office teeth whitening can be done in conventional and advanced laser technique also. Whatever you do for teeth whitening, you need to bear in mind that the whitening would last only for a little around a year.

  3. Veneers – Teeth that are discolored beyond a point, chipped, and decayed can all be transformed using a veneer. A veneer is a thin material resembling a slice of teeth. This thin slice is stuck to the front portion of the teeth using a dental bonding material. It needs to be borne in mind that veneers are not a permanent solution. After wearing a veneer, you should avoid biting any hard food on the veneer placed teeth because these veneers since they are thin can chip off.

  4. Dental Bonding – This is a simple procedure where any cracks or chips are resolved. In this procedure a thin layer of resin, a bonding material, is placed on the intended spot to offer resolution.

  5. Reshaping or Re-contouring – This is a procedure where the dentist will reshape your teeth if they are slightly crooked or smaller in length, if they are slightly longer, etc.

Non-surgical Smile Designing Procedures at Expert Dental Care, Chennai

At Expert Dental Care, we do all smile designing procedures, surgical and non-surgical. Dr Sravanthi is of the firm view that veneers are a topical solution to chipped or decayed tooth and the most permanent option would be to place dental crowns.

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