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How to take care of my newly placed dental implants

Getting dental implants are the best way to restore your smile after an episode of single or many missing teeth. The advancement in sedation dentistry has made easier to get dental implants and there is less patient anxiety these days as a result. Many people have a lot of questions on maintaining and caring for the dental implants both immediately and in the long run after the surgery. Here is a detailed write-up on maintaining your dental implants.

Maintaining Dental Implants immediately after they are placed

  • Patients will be asked to bite down a gauze for an hour after the implant placement surgery. This is required for the formation of a blood clot around the implant site. These blood clots are necessary for the healing process to start. Blood clots also encourage stoppage of bleeding.
  • Patients are encouraged to use ice packs to reduce the episode of facial swelling.

Recovery at Home after the dental implants are placed – Day 1

  • It is recommended that the patient takes off from their regular work, their exercise regimens and all physical activities in general. This recommendation is for avoiding any instance of further bleeding.
  • Soft food as recommended by your dentist can be consumed with care. Avoid using straw because the suction produced can remove the blood clot formed in the area. It has to be kept in mind that blood clots so formed are necessary for healing.
  • Diligently take the antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by your dentist.

Recovery at Home after the dental implants are placed – Day 2 and 3

  • If you are comfortable you can resume to brush and floss your teeth albeit very gently.
  • You can rinse your mouth with salt water. They help control bleeding, and any swellings.
  • The patient can resume eating normal food from day 3. But very hard food should be avoided for a couple of weeks. It needs to be kept in mind that the dental implants placed should fully integrate with your jaw bone and the healing needs to be complete.

Maintaining your dental implants after 6-8 weeks

  • Your dental implants would have probably fully integrated into your jaw bone and all the surrounding tissues would have healed completely. Confirm the same from your dentist during a visit.
  • You can continue to brush, floss and rinse normally. By now your implant will resemble natural teeth and they require the same maintenance as the natural teeth.
  • Though dental implants do not get cavities, it needs to be borne in mind that the surrounding tissues can get infected if proper oral hygiene is not maintained. Hence keep up with your oral hygiene and regular dental visits as usual.

If by any chance you have bleeding, swelling or some kind of foul discharges from your dental implants, contact your dentist immediately.

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