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7 Lifestyle Habits that can Damage the Teeth

Many lifestyle habits visibly cause damage to our teeth and most of us know the impact. There are some lifestyle habits which also cause damage to the oral region which we are not aware of. Here are some of them to make ourselves more conscious about what we do in the name of lifestyle.

  • Consuming food that is high in carbohydrate

In India, the staple we eat is heavily skewed towards carbohydrate. Particularly in the South of India, we consume more of rice. Though rice provides us with energy, the diet is more often not balanced and necessary proteins and good fat are not present in required quantity. Polishing the rice and making them white increases the starch (sugar) content. So in effect, the rice we consume are stripped of all fiber and vitamins. This carbohydrate is essentially sugar that can damage the teeth.

  • Consuming food high in sugar content

This generation has seen an exponential rise in consumption of colas, sugary junk drinks and many beverages and lifestyle foods that are unusually high in sugar content. Most sugars come from corn syrup and few other elements. This sugar is readily available to the oral bacteria and they produce acid to destroy the enamel of the teeth. If left unchecked they form bio-films, cause plaque and tartar and destroy the gums and teeth. Another risk factor is the colas that can discolor the teeth.

  • Consuming food high in acid

Many junk foods contain preservatives, colorants and other elements that produce acidity in the mouth after consumption. This acidity helps the oral bacteria to thrive and multiply. This eventually can destroy the teeth and gums.

  • Consuming high amount of coffee and tea

A high amount of tea and coffee can cause teeth discoloration. The caffeine and acid present in the coffee can give the enamel a yellow coloration which does not look aesthetic. These stains are sticky and do not go away easily as they are glued to the grooves of the teeth.

  • Smoking and use of tobacco

Smoking and tobacco can cause dry mouth. A mouth that is dry welcomes oral bacteria to thrive unhindered. Besides causing teeth and gum problems, they can discolor the teeth and worse is they are responsible for causing oral cancer in most cases.

  • Using teeth to open bottle

People who party hard are used to opening beer or soda bottles by their teeth. This practice damages the enamel of the teeth and sometimes they can also lead to chipping of the teeth. A damaged enamel is a recipe for further erosion of teeth.

  • Habit of biting the nails

We all know that biting nails is not a hygienic habit by any standard. But what we do not think is the fact that people who bite nails too often might have bruxism or grinding. Prolonged grinding of teeth as a habit can lead to enamel wearing out faster and thinning of the teeth.

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