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Removing Dental Cavities

How Cavities are caused?

Cavities are caused primarily because of bad dental hygiene. Cavities are also called tooth decay or dental caries.

The moist environment of the mouth is a good source for bacteria to grow. While many types of bacteria are harmless, some are beneficial, some are harmful. These harmful bacteria buildup and form a sticky colorless film of bacteria called “plaque”.

While we consume sugary food, these harmful bacteria also take up that sugar and produce acid as excreta. These acid excreta react with the enamel coating of the teeth. While the calcium and other minerals present in the food we intake helps in restoring the lost enamel coating, the process has its limitation if the acid attack is beyond limits. That is when the teeth begin to decay.

Some Dental cavities can be very deep if the tooth decay has progressed far inside touching the nerve of the tooth. This can cause excruciating pain.

How to Remove Dental Cavities?

  • If the teeth have begun to decay, it starts by showing up as white spots. Your dentist may apply Fluoride varnish and medicated tooth creams to guard your teeth against further decay. The dentists will then advice you on proper oral hygiene. Follow them diligently.
  • If the cavity has formed and the decay is not deep enough, then Dental Filling is done to cover-up the cavity.
  • If the cavity is deep enough and has begun touching the nerve, then a root canal treatment may be necessary. Generally Dental crown and caps are required for teeth with compromised structure. Your dentist is the best person to determine what treatment would suffice.
  • If the Dental Cavity has resulted in badly damaged teeth, they cannot be restored by any of the above treatment processes. Your dentist would then recommend pulling out your teeth. This process is called Teeth Extraction. But you should not be worried about lost teeth as treatments like Dental implants and Dental Bridges are available to substitute the lost teeth.

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