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Tooth Paste Massage can Protect Cavities

Your dentist invariably tells you to brush your teeth twice a day whenever you make your dental visit. Your dentist may also say that massaging the gums is always good as they bring good benefits. It has been found that massaging the gums and the teeth with toothpaste can protect you from cavities. Some studies claim that this massaging is four times effective in protecting from dental cavities.

Research by Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden on Toothpaste Massage

Sahlgrenska Academy is attached to the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. A study conducted by the aforesaid academy has established that high-fluoride toothpaste can offer four times more protection if it is just rubbed against the teeth and gums. Two set of activities were performed as part of the study.

The volunteers first chose to brush thrice a day using the same high-fluoride toothpaste. They did the activity for a set of days and then subjected their activity for an analysis.

The volunteers next chose to brush twice a day using the same high-fluoride toothpaste. Then additionally they were asked to rub the high-fluoride toothpaste on their teeth and gums instead of brushing. They then subjected their oral region for an analysis.

The volunteers flossed their teeth once a day without fail in both sets of activities.

How to massage the teeth and gums with toothpaste

  • Take a pea-size toothpaste from the high-fluoride toothpaste
  • Gently spread the toothpaste on the front and rear side of the teeth, and on the upper and lower gums.
  • Gently massage your gums along with the toothpaste. The massaging action should aim at pressing the gums gently. You should press it using the thumb and the index finger at the same time. It is a known fact that pressing and massaging the gums can increase the protection to gums.

Research Result on Toothpaste Massage

Both the first set of activity (Brushing thrice a day) and the second set of activity (brushing twice a day and massaging once a day) both were equally effective in fighting dental cavities. They were four times more effective in fighting cavities against the normal brushing twice a day. So for optimal results, you can choose to opt for both the techniques on any given day if you are more vulnerable to oral cavities. It needs to be understood that brushing is a mandatory exercise and they cannot be wholly substituted with massaging the teeth with high-fluoride toothpaste.

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