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Can you Fast Track your Orthodontic Treatment?

A fast-track orthodontic treatment is also referred to as Short-term Orthodontics. But wait, we have been told that anything fast has its limitation. So is this notion true here too? Actually, it is true. Any fast track orthodontic treatment that does not last the intended duration has limited results only. Let us see in detail.

Six-Month Braces

Six-month braces are an amazing way to straighten your teeth. But be informed that they can be used only to straighten your front teeth.

Disadvantages of Six-Month Braces

  • If you have any bite problems, they cannot be rectified by these six-month braces.
  • As a matter of fact, the bite problem may aggravate in all probabilities
  • Hence if you have bite problems do not go for any fast track orthodontic treatment procedure. As a matter of fact, any claim that short-term orthodontic treatment is enough to rectify your bite problem has to be approached with a pinch of salt.

Advantages of Six-Month Braces

  • They are useful only if you do not have bite problems
  • They are amazing when the issue is just the front teeth that need to be pushed by applying pressure. These short-term braces work magic and rectify the front teeth that are jutting out.
  • Even if there is mild spacing in the front tooth, the six-months braces are okay to try.

Other School of Thought for Short-term Orthodontics – Accelerated Orthodontics

Traditionally orthodontic treatments rely on the slow but continuous pressure the orthodontic devices apply on the jaw bones indirectly. The new notion is based on periodontal surgical principles. In this method, the jaw bone around the teeth is softened and activated. Then the orthodontic braces are placed which relatively moves the teeth much faster. New bones surrounding the bones are formed in the meanwhile. The procedure hence not only fastens the entire orthodontic procedure but also makes the surrounding bones stronger. This procedure is referred to as Accelerated Orthodontics. Since the bone is stimulated in this procedure, it is also referred to as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics.

Who can get Accelerated Orthodontics procedure?

Anyone who has an urgency to change their appearance like getting married or some kind of audition that needs better appearance can go for accelerated orthodontics procedure.

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