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What to do if My Child’s Teeth are Rotting?

An estimate says that more than 50% of children in India suffer from primary tooth decay. Many reasons are attributed to this increase. Increase in the consumption of chocolates, candies and biscuits are some of the main reasons. But there are other reasons too.

General Reasons why Indian Children’s Teeth are Rotting

  • Drinking sugar-mixed milk from a bottle
  • Making the child go to bed with a bottle of milk in the night time. The child sucks from the bottle for many hours or even sometimes dozes off with the bottle.
  • Most biscuits and cookies have increased sugar content
  • Fruit juices laden with sugar

So it is remarkably evident that sugar content in almost all food is affecting children’s teeth. The matter is compounded by the fact that most Indian children do not brush their teeth in the night because their parents do not have the habit.

What causes Tooth-rot?

Tooth decay or tooth-rotting is caused by the oral bacteria. The teeth that are coated with sugar are a feast for these bacteria. After they relish the sugar, they produce acids that corrode the teeth. The primary teeth are more susceptible due to their relatively smaller size.

Safeguarding Child’s Teeth from Rotting

  • If the child is a toddler put a stop to the practice of going to bed with the bottle
  • Let the dinner not have any sugary items
  • Stop encouraging the habit of eating something before going to bed.
  • If the toddler or child wants something to drink, it can be just water.
  • You can make it a habit to rub the teeth of the toddler with a clean wet cloth before going to bed.
  • Similarly, children can be made to brush the teeth before going to bed.
  • Parents should make it a regular habit to meet the dentists once in 6 months.

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