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What are dental braces and why you may require them

What are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are devices that are fixed on to your teeth for helping to align and straighten the teeth. They are primarily used to perfect a person’s bite and the next reason is to improve the overall dental health.

Dental bracing devices work on the principle of exerting force and pressure on the teeth constantly. This constant force and pressure on the teeth eventually results in moving of the teeth to the desired positions. The dental braces may contain springs or rubber bands to put the required force and pressure in the specific desired direction.

Why Dental Braces are required?

We said that Dental Braces help in aligning and straightening the teeth. When we bite, ideally the upper teeth and the lower teeth should align. But many times, this alignment is not present. Either the upper teeth extend beyond the lower teeth or the lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth. When the upper teeth extend beyond, it results in “Overbite”. When the lower teeth extend beyond, it results in “Under bite”. Worse is if they both are positioned improperly. Such conditions results in “Cross bites”. A cross bite can lead to facial asymmetry which can be considered a cosmetic issue also apart from the dental issues it brings about.

Misaligned bites can cause difficulty in chewing our food, strained jaw muscles that can lead to other complication and excessive overbites that can result in damage of gum in lower teeth. To correct the alignment of the teeth with respect to upper and lower jaw, the Dental Braces give a good helping hand.

Apart from misalignment of upper and lower teeth, certain other conditions that may also need Dental Braces are the unusual gaps between the teeth and crowded teeth where sometimes, the teeth overlap each other.

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