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What is the connection between stroke and oral health?

Stroke is considered to be one of the most dangerous and fatal medical conditions. In our previous blogs, we had mentioned that our oral health creates an impact on our overall health. Many studies have pointed to the fact that there is a connection between our oral health and stroke.

What is a Stroke?

Before diving into the connection between oral health and stroke, we need to understand what a stroke is and what it does to our body. Stroke is a condition where there is a sudden interruption in the blood flow to the brain. When the brain does not receive adequate amounts of blood, it can cause permanent brain cell damage. Strokes can occur in two forms. Ischemic stroke is one form of stroke which is caused due to a blockage present in the arteries that supply blood to the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke is the other form of stroke which is caused due to a rupture in a blood vessel causing bleeding into the brain tissue.

What is the connection between stroke and oral health?

Gum disease is a completely preventable disease that is caused due to the overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth. Some of the symptoms of gum disease include reddish gums, swollen gums, loosening teeth, and bleeding gums. Gum disease progress through several stages which are more daunting than the previous stages. Although gum disease can be treated with proper treatment, it is always advised to prevent gum disease in the first place with proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

As mentioned above, gum disease is caused due to excessive bacteria present in the mouth. These abundant bacteria can cause an infection. With gum disease, there is inflammation of the gums too. This bacterial infection can enter into the bloodstream and cause inflammation which makes you more prone to develop a blood clot. This blood clot can occlude the artery (blood vessel) that supplies the brain and can cause a stroke. So anyone with badly maintained oral care is susceptible to stroke.

That is why we emphasize maintaining good oral hygiene. Keeping your gums and teeth healthy is a good way of keeping your overall health good.

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