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Is filling necessary for caries in baby teeth?

It’s no doubt that all parents want what’s best for their kids. And it is pretty distressing for parents to find out that their child has one or more cavities in their mouths. But the milk teeth of children are eventually going to be replaced with permanent teeth. So is it necessary to fill carries in babies?

Tooth cavities that are left untreated even in milk teeth can cause negative consequences on the child’s oral health. However, cavities in the child’s primary teeth can be treated just like permanent teeth. You can talk to your dentist about tooth fillings in baby teeth.

Milk teeth and Cavities

Most parents believe that since the child’s milk teeth are eventually going to fall out, cavities in the milk teeth need not be taken care of. But this belief is far from the truth. Poor oral care can cause cavities to occur in your teeth. Being a preventable disease, childhood tooth decay is one of the most common diseases that affect children worldwide.

Milk teeth in children play an important role in properly guiding their permanent teeth. If the dental cavities are left untreated in children it can cause more serious health issues. Untreated dental cavities can cause advanced oral infections, tooth pain, gum diseases. It can cause damaged permanent teeth because they prevent permanent teeth from growing straight and healthy. It can cause eventual tooth loss. Early loss of milk teeth can also cause improper speech development in children.

The process of filling cavities in baby teeth

A dental cavity is formed when harmful oral bacteria eats away the tooth structure. A dental filling is a process where the dentist uses a small drill to remove the infected area and seal the hole with filling material. Dental fillings for cavities can help in rebuilding the damaged tooth and preventing further tooth decay and early teeth loss.

Today, the employment of dental lasers for tooth filling has made the process much more effective and painless. Dental lasers have replaced the conventional drill for removing the infected region and they are safe on children too. Dental lasers also eliminate the need for anesthetics which of course is child-friendly.

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