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Why are my child’s new permanent teeth yellow?

The common concern any parents has is the colour of their children’s teeth. The concern is definitely higher if the new permanent teeth that have erupted in their child look yellow. Why are the new permanent teeth sometimes yellow? Is it a cause of concern?

Psychology of Parents as Permanent Teeth begin Erupting

Parents are used to seeing their child’s teeth to be milky white. So when they see yellow coloured permanent teeth they are worried. Generally, yellow coloured teeth are associated with being unclean and hence the worry. When some of the baby teeth are still present, the less whitishness of the adjacent permanent teeth that have erupted causes this worry.

The Colour of Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth – The science behind it

Baby teeth by nature have less amount of dentin. Dentin is yellow in colour. Less amount of dentin translates to teeth being whiter. The enamel layer of the baby teeth is also thinner and hence baby teeth are whiter in colour. This is not the case with permanent teeth.

Permanent teeth, on the other hand, have more amount of dentin. The enamel is translucent in nature and hence the colour of the teeth has a yellow hue. This is the reason why most of our teeth give out a yellow hue.

Psychology of Parents as Permanent Teeth have erupted completely

When there are no baby teeth left in the mouth of their children to compare for their colour, most parents feel better. At this juncture, most parents feel comfortable as they see nothing extraordinary and they begin thinking that everything is fine.

The advice of the Dentists

Your dentists know if the yellow colour of the permanent teeth of your children is because of the dentin layer or because of the plaque build-up. If there is a plaque build-up, your dentist would definitely inform you of the same and get the plaque build-up cleaned. Always visit your dentist with your children along with your family and get a regular dental check-up done. Check out for family dental packages with Expert Dental Care.

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