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5 Reasons why Mouthwash are necessary?

We normally tend to think that properly brushing our teeth twice a day is more than sufficient. While some people floss, some don’t. In the same way, some use mouth wash and some just do not. There are many in India who are not even aware of a process called flossing. In the same length there are people who think mouthwash is a luxury. But leaving that aside, is mouthwash an absolute necessity? Let us find out.

  1. Bad Breath – Brushing alone does not fight bad breath. Mouthwash tends to give an intense fresh breath than tooth paste. Hence when it comes to bad breath, mouthwash is a clear winner. If you are suffering from more serious halitosis, the condition may be chronic. The best thing is to check with a dentist who along with other medication might prescribe an anti-septic mouthwash.
  2. Effects on Gums – Gargling with mouthwash brings hygiene to the gums alongside the teeth. This greatly helps in reducing periodontal diseases.
  3. Effects on Tongue – Tongues too harbor bacteria. The ease with which mouthwash can reach all parts of the mouth makes it fit to fight these harmful bacteria.
  4. Get rid of those Food debris – Gargling with mouthwash effectively rinses out the food debris that may be caught between the teeth. This can come in handy if you care not carrying any floss. However it needs to be borne in mind that mouthwash are not substitute for floss and they both serve different purposes.
  5. Effects against Plaque – Some people are prone to plaque more than others. A consultation with a dentist would be revealing if there is any such consition. For such individuals, the dentist would recommend a fluoride mouthwash. These mouthwash builds resistance against acid attacks and helps in bringing down the plaque buildup.

Opinion of Dr. Sravanthi, Dentist in Chennai

Dr. Sravanthi, a lead dentist in Chennai who has her dental clinic at Kilpauk is of the opinion that mouth wash are not absolutely necessary. A mild usage is recommended. She opines that most of the over-the-counter mouthwash are alcohol based and they have a drying effect in the mouth and subsequent  sequelate. Hence Dr. Sravanthi advices to use such mouthwashes in moderation. However for any underlying dental problems other kind of mouthwashes are prescribed and they need to be used as per directions of the dentist.

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