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A Chronology of the Child’s Teeth Development

Parenting is a challenge and many parents are happy to do it the right way. They constantly seek information on how to raise children. Many parents evince keen interest in their children’s oral health. Most of them are unaware of when normally a child bears its first tooth and how the successive teeth development occurs. This blog aims to provide information on the chronology of a child’s teeth development.

When are baby teeth formed?

Actually speaking, baby teeth are formed right from when the baby is in the womb inside its gums. The baby teeth or primary teeth are 20 in number. Incisors or the front teeth are the first to appear and most of us know it. Here is a tabular column on the chronology. It is only a rough sequence and this is true in most babies.

S. NoTeeth TypePeriodInformation
1Incisors (Front Teeth)6-10 monthsGenerally, the lower central incisors or the front lower teeth appear. Very rarely the upper front teeth might also appear first.
2Incisors (Front Teeth)8-12 monthsThe upper central incisors or the front upper teeth appear next. If the lower one’s have appeared late then these are the first to appear albeit rarely.
3Incisors (Front Teeth)9-13 monthsThe upper lateral incisors appear. They are the teeth that are found adjacent to the upper two front teeth on either side.
4Incisors (Front Teeth)10-16 monthsThe lower lateral incisors appear next.
5First Molars13-19 monthsThe upper first molars are first to appear in most cases. The baby might experience a round of teething pain because these teeth are larger than the incisors.
6First Molars14-18 monthsThe lower first molars then appear.
7Canines16-22 monthsThe upper two canines (the sharp-edged teeth in the sides) in the middle of upper lateral incisors and upper first molar appear on either side.
8Canines17-23 monthsIn a similar fashion like upper two canines, the lower two canines also appear between the lower lateral incisors and the lower first molar appears on either side
9Second Molars23-31 monthsThe second pair of bottom molars appear first most of the time.
10Second Molars25-33 monthsThe last to arrive are the upper pair of second molars. With this, the entire set of 20 teeth has erupted in the baby’s mouth.

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