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Had A Fall That Resulted in Broken Teeth? What Next?

Our teeth are absolutely strong and that is the way they have evolved – to withstand pressure and be rock solid. But sometimes something untoward can happen which can cause injury to your teeth. A violent fall can result in the teeth cracking, breaking, chipping off or getting knocked off in whole without the root. Your tooth sometimes can get knocked off completely along with the root and this is referred as Dental Avulsion.

If your violent fall is because of an accident, it is imperative to rule out other medical complications. Your dental deformation arising out of the trauma can wait for other emergencies to be cleared. Once other medical emergencies are ruled out or properly taken care of, visit your dentist to assess the damage. Your dentist can assess the level of damage accurately and tell you the nature of damage and how to repair your broken teeth. Here are the various possibilities of a broken teeth and its treatment.

  • If you have chipped off a part of the inner tooth, a simple dental filling may be done by your dentist.
  • If the front tooth gets chipped off, your dentist may recommend bonding procedure.
  • If a large part of the tooth has chipped away, or rather the tooth is broken beyond a certain amount; your dentist would recommend a root canal treatment.
  • If the trauma is so violent that it has resulted in exposing the centre of the teeth that has the nerve tissues and blood vessels, then the dentist along with the root canal treatment would add post and core treatment to the tooth. The post and core procedure also termed as Dental post procedure is where the weakened tooth is provided for an anchor or support.
  • If the trauma has resulted in complete damage of the teeth beyond restoration by any of the above listed treatment procedures, your dentist might recommend extracting your tooth completely.
  • If the tooth got knocked off completely along with the roots, your dentist might recommend implanting the same tooth along with the root provided you take the same to your dentist within half hour.

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