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Know More About Overbite

An overbite also called “Deep Bite” is one of the forms of malocclusion, where malocclusion is the general misalignment of the teeth on the upper jaw (called maxilla) with respect to the teeth on the lower jaw. Among the many different types of malocclusion, overbite is one type. Overbite is a condition where the maxilla closes the teeth line in the lower jaw. In simple terms, Overbite is over closure.

The extent of overlapping of the tooth located in the front upper jaw and the front lower jaw, where the teeth of the lower jaw is within the teeth of the upper jaw by over 4mm is termed as overbite. If the lower teeth are within the upper teeth by 3-5mm, it is termed as “Normal overbite” and is not considered to be a condition of malocclusion.

What Causes Overbite?

It certainly is caused when we are in our childhood. Such childhood habits like thumb-sucking, bottle feeding, etc. causes overbite.

Effects of Overbite

  • Overbite can cause your lower jaw to look small. This can cause an asymmetric face severely affecting the way you look.
  • People with severe overbite issue can suffer from speech issues.
  • Sometimes there is chronic pain because of the severity of the overbite. The pain aggravates during eating. The pain is caused by the pain in the Jaw Joint, medically referred as temporomandibular joint or simply TMJ.
  • A considerably severe overbite can cause grinding of teeth which can result in damage to the enamel of the teeth.
  • Overbite puts pressure on the gum line too and this can result in bleeding of the gums. This ultimately can result in gum related diseases and tooth loses.

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