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6 Reasons for Bad Breath

Bad breath is medically termed as “Halitosis”. We often think bad breath is because of poor oral hygiene and sometimes we associate it with food like Onion and garlic. Though the above facts are true, there are other reasons also for bad breath. Let us see them briefly along with the above factors also.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene – When the food particles are caught between your teeth and when you do not scrap your tongue, the bacterial growth in the oral region is higher than admissible levels and this build up can cause bad breath.
  • Certain Food Like Onion & Garlic – Yes, onion, garlic and some food also cause bad breath. Strong smelling beverages and alcohols too causes bad breath.
  • Other Medical Conditions – Some medical conditions like gum diseases, dry mouth, other ailments like Bronchitis, pneumonia, diabetes, chronic acid reflex, liver and kidney problems, etc., can cause bad breath.
  • Medications – Some type of medications can cause bad breath. An example – Chemotherapy and associated medication is known to cause bad breath.
  • Tobacco – Tobacco smells bad. Smoking and chewing tobacco definitely not only causes bad breath but also discolors your teeth.
  • Skipping Breakfast – Sometimes skipping breakfast is also said to cause bad breath. Prolonged practice of skipping food can lead to a process called Ketoacidosis (not to be confused with Ketosis) which can cause bad breath.

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