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How teeth are strengthened?

A diet that is made of refined grains and sugar are inimical to the health of teeth. The acid producing bacteria act on this increasingly unhealthy diet consumed and produces organic acids as by-products in the oral region. This acid reacts with the compounds found in the teeth and causes something called demineralization of teeth which eventually leads to decay.

The Roles of Saliva and Food

Our body has naturally evolved to neutralize the ill effects of de-mineralization. The saliva has an amazing capability to neutralize the acid produced and post the neutralization, the calcium and phosphorous eroded from the teeth gets attached to the teeth once again. This process is called re-mineralization. This natural process strengthens the teeth.

However this process has its limitation. If the diet has high amount of refined grains and sugar, more acid is produced in the oral region eventually in the digestion process and this interferes with the re-mineralization process which eventually can lead to tooth decay or dental caries.

Food Rich in Calcium

Food rich in Calcium and Phosphorous when digested by the body system, these minerals are made available in the saliva which helps in the process of re-mineralization.

The pH Level of the Oral Region

Both the above factors, the saliva and calcium rich food, indicate that the pH level has to be maintained as alkaline in the oral region. The acidic environment is the primary cause of teeth losing its strengths. Hence maintaining a non-acidic oral region is the key to strong teeth.

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