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How to find if it is time to visit a dental clinic in Chennai?

In India dental care is often ignored and it is not given much importance. Generally people have a notion that health of the body is more important than the health of their teeth. Latest research point to the fact that many ailments of the body, mainly the heart diseases have close connection to how our teeth was maintained. Slowly people are realizing that dental care is important too like their body but often people have no clarity as to how often to visit the dentist. Here is a complete detail that can give you an idea.

Child – How often to visit a dentist?

  • In western countries they often recommend visiting a dentist once the first tooth erupts.
  • If you have missed, then you can plan your visit once the child completes 2 years of age. Take to the dentist at least once in six months as the decays to the milk tooth progresses fast.

Kids between 2 and 7 years– How often to visit a dentist?

  • This period in a child’s life is characterized by eating too many chocolates and sweet things that can readily damage the teeth.
  • The dentist would assess the kid’s teeth to ascertain if the teeth are very vulnerable to caries and hence would recommend either once in 6 months or once a year.

Kids between 7 and 15 years – How often to visit a dentist?

  • The vulnerability of teeth to decay does not abate in this age group too. This is the age when the primary teeth and the secondary teeth are together present in the mouth So the dentst might recommend meeting once in 6 months.
  • This is a crucial age group and the way the secondary teeth after the primary teeth have falled down can be assessed by the dentist. A golden opportunity to straighten the teeth presents itself during this age group. A regular visit to dentist should indeed let you know the window of opportunity. Your child can get braces to correct crooked teeth if any during this period.

Teens & Young adults between 15 and 21 Years – How often to visit a dentist?

  • One dental visit every year is recommended.

Patients with ailments like Diabetes / Heart Conditions – How often to visit a dentist?

  • Generally patients with ailments like diabetes, heart diseases etc. are recommended to visit dentists once in 6 months.

Pregnant Ladies – How often to visit?

  • Before pregnancy (if people plan their pregnancy), it is advised for a thorough dental checkup because gum diseases which are more common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes will lead to premature birth.
  • The dentist would assess for any early dental decays as the longer term of nine months and the later lactation can progress the early dental problems into deeper ones. This may end up in root canal treatments unnecessarily.
  • During pregnancy only when there is a dental emergency the patient should visit a dentist. Otherwise there is no need.

Dr. Sravanthi, the lead Dentist in Chennai on frequency of Dental Visit

Dr. Sravanthi is of the opinion that every individual has unique set of teeth. Some are perfect and some are adjusted within the jaw. So any care has to be optimized for individuals. Further people may also have other health conditions. Therefore Dr. Sravanthi opines that every individual has to be given a different time frame on dental visit frequency. Broadly speaking a time gap between 6 months to one year is the frequency of routine dental visits.

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