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What to do if you have impacted wisdom tooth?

We earlier saw how to recognize the signs of impacted wisdom tooth. We saw in detail that the impact is due to the non emergence of the wisdom tooth fully due to the direction of its emergence and the overlying bone. Now what to do if you have rightly identified that there is an impacted wisdom tooth? Should the wisdom tooth be extracted?

Keep the Wisdom Tooth in Check

  • The first thing to do is to visit your dentist and assess the impact of the emerging wisdom tooth
  • Your dentist will give a clear picture of how the wisdom tooth is emerging. The dentist would use a full mouth x-ray, a diagnostic method used to confirm the presence of impacted wisdom tooth. This x-ray would produce exact imagery of how the wisdom tooth is emerging. It would clearly let the dentist know if the wisdom tooth is finding no space to emerge, or if it underlying and a tooth is inhibiting its emergence, etc.
  • If there is not much of any impact, your dentist would recommend keeping the wisdom tooth as it emerges. The dentist would recommend gum cleaning and subsequent cleaning. Your dentist would clearly let you know when to visit next to keep the wisdom tooth under check.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Chennai

  • If the impact is serious and your dentist in Chennai is of the opinion that it would impede proper emergence, you would be advised by the dentist to get the wisdom tooth extracted.
  • Extraction of wisdom tooth in Chennai or India is not something new. It is a regular dental practice recommended worldwide.
  • Extracting the wisdom tooth gives liberty from the problems like cavities, abscesses, gum diseases, and cysts which are pretty common if you retain the impacted wisdom tooth.

Dr. Sravanthi, the lead Dentist in Chennai on Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The lead dentist in Chennai, Dr. Sravanthi is of the opinion that wisdom tooth extraction is a safe option because not only does it give relief from conditions like  cavities, abscesses, gum diseases, and cysts but it can also help by preventing the other healthy adjacent teeth getting impacted and damaged in the process.

There is one more benefit too. If the wisdom tooth is extracted intact and full, then they can be banked for stem cells.

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