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More About White Compostite Filling and How it Compares with Silver Amalgam Filling

Tooth-colored Composites also termed as white composite fillings closely resemble the tooth color and hence the nomenclature. They are dental fillings that fix the tooth structure and in that process resemble the natural tooth. 

A comparison of White Composite Filling and the Silver Amalgam Filling

  1. Aesthetics – White composite fillings closely match the color of the teeth while Silver amalgam filling has that typical silvery shine. White composites fillings are best suited for the front teeth that are visible due to its near coloration of the natural teeth.
  2. Bonding Nature – White fillings chemically bonds to the tooth structure whereas Silver amalgam mechanically bonds to the tooth structure.
  3. Versatility – White fillings not only can be used for the tooth filling, it can also be used to repair chipped, fractured, broken or worn out teeth. Silver amalgam can be used only for tooth filling and not for any other purposes.
  4. Durability – Though white composite fillings have undergone much technological superiority over time, the durability of the latest white composite fillings is slightly lesser than the silver amalgam fillings.
  5. Tooth-sparing preparation – The tooth decay needs to be removed and some tooth structure is removed when preparing for the filling. Silver amalgam fillings require more tooth structure to be removed than the white composite fillings.
  6. Application Time Factor – Because the process of preparing the composite takes a while, white composite fillings typically take 20 – 30 minutes more time than an application of silver amalgam filling.
  7. Fracture Filling – If the fillings are fractured, they can be repaired in white composites while it is not possible in silver amalgam fillings. The silver amalgam fillings have to be redone once again.
  8. Setting Time – When filled with white composite tooth filling, the patient can begin using the teeth for normal mastication within 1 hour while silver amalgam tooth fillings need time to set.
  9. Cost – White composite fillings can cost anywhere around twice the amount as silver amalgam fillings.

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