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How to prevent Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Gum diseases are quite common and there is nothing to feel shy about it. A study says that almost everyone suffers from gum diseases in one form or the other at least once in their life time. In country like India where oral hygiene is given less importance the instance will only be higher. So how to prevent gum diseases? Here are few points in that direction.

Why would gums be affected?

Most of us think that it is the teeth that gets affected and not the gums. It is true to an extent that everything starts from the teeth. Improper oral hygiene affects the teeth. Factors like puberty, pregnancy, certain metabolic disorders (diabetes), certain medicines, old age, etc, can cause gum diseases.

The point where the teeth meet the gum are some of the vulnerable spot where oral pathogens can grow and multiply happily. They can then begin to affect not just the teeth but the gums too.

How to know if the gums are really affected?

Check out for the following symptoms.

  • Tender gums which have become red and swollen
  • As you brush and floss your teeth you may notice bleeding
  • Sometimes the gums may be receding exposing too much of your teeth
  • Some pockets in between teeth and gum that may have turned slightly green or pale yellow in color.
  • Occurrence of bad breath, also called halitosis

Gingivitis – How to prevent gingivitis?

The above symptoms are signs of gingivitis. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about gum disease. It happens and the prudent thing to do is to prevent them from happening. If they have happened all you need to do is to visit your dentist and get your oral area cleaned professionally. It needs to be emphasized that professional cleaning at dental office is way different than the normal brushing and flossing we do at home. A proper cleaning and medication thereafter prescribed by the dentist can give you relief from gingivitis. Maintaining oral hygiene religiously like

  • brushing and flossing twice a day
  • rinsing the mouth thoroughly with mouthwashes
  • eating calcium-rich balanced food
  • shunning cigarettes and tobacco, and
  • more importantly visiting a dentist once in six months can go a long way in preventing gingivitis

Periodontitis – How to prevent periodontitis?

If gum diseases in beginning stage is neglected, it can proceed to affect the soft tissues of the gum entirely. After this stage, they can begin to affect the underlying bone. Once the infection has reached the bone, they begin to lose minerals and the bone starts receding. This stage is called peridontititis.

It should be borne in mind that the lost bone cannot be reclaimed back. Though bone grafting procedures are available they can help only till a certain stage. If at this stage there is an intervention by the dentist, medications and some dental procedures can bring periodontitis to a halt.

Periodontitis gets worse as time goes by and it is progressive in nature leading to Advanced Periodontitis. In advanced periodontitis, the teeth become loose and can shift or fall. Hence a timely intervention can go a long way in preventing further damage.

Steps that help in Preventing Periodontitis

The tips are similar to that of preventing gingivitis. The same points goes here too. The only difference is, you may have to have a more regular dental visit. The frequency of the dental visit shall be informed by the dentist who is treating the periodontitis condition.

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