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Preventive Dentistry at Dentist’s Office

In India most people are either unaware or simply do not care to visit a dentist regularly, at least once in 6 months or a year. Preventive dentistry in effect starts here. Had they visited the dentist every six months, they would be aware of the first two basic procedures of safe guarding your teeth, namely proper brushing and flossing techniques.

  • The most important procedure in preventive dentistry is the use of sealants that can prevent future decay. Sealants are compounds that are applied normally to the teeth in the back (molars and premolars). These teeth are used for grinding the food and the irregular pits and fissures in these teeth are potential places where food particles can get enmeshed. These entangled food particle can speeden the process of decay and can cause cavity of the teeth. The sealants that are applied on these teeth seal or close the pits and fissures and create a smooth surface, thereby eliminating the risk of decay. Sealants can generally last for years. Your regular visit to the dentist should be enough to identify if the sealant cover has worn out. Additionally these sealants releases fluoride which protects the teeth from dental caries.
  • Application of Fluoride varinish on teeth is also done at Dental office as part of Preventive Dentistry. This fluoride varnish is a boon to patients who are highly susceptible to dental caries. The fluoride varnish forms a coating of fluoride on the enamel layer of the teeth. This coating protects the layer and as a result fights dental caries effectively.
  • At the dentist office, mouth guards are generally recommended for sportsmen or kids who have teeth grinding problem. This mouth-guard prevents injury to teeth. Your dentist can recommend a specific type of mouth guard based on your needs.

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