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Preventive Dentistry at Home

Preventive Dentistry is the essential of caring for your dental health and the practice of undergoing preventive methodologies.  Methods in Preventive Dentistry can stop such dental issues like Tooth decay or cavities, wearing out of enamel coating, gum diseases etc. Regular oral habits like brushing and flossing also comes under preventive dentistry at home. This is more of preventive dentistry that emphasize on personal oral hygiene. The science of preventive dentistry goes one step beyond the usual home care we give to the oral health. But let us see how prevention of dental caries and other gum diseases starts at home.

Brushing – Brushing of teeth with proper technique as advised by the dentist is an essential oral hygiene procedure that needs to be performed daily. Most people in India just brush the teeth once in the morning after getting up from bed. The practice of brushing the teeth in the night is not prevalent.

Use Fluoride Paste – Flouride in tooth paste drastically reduces the incidence of tooth decay or dental caries. The data available for the past 30 years indicates a strong link between fluoride tooth paste and stronger teeth. Make it a point to purchase a tooth paste that has fluoride in it to reap the maximum benefit.

Flossing – Flossing is another procedure that needs to be done daily at least once. This procedure can effectively clean in between the teeth and save the oral cavity or mouth area from such conditions like Gingivitis or gum diseases.

Mouth Rinse – Rinsing the mouth perfectly after brushing and flossing the teeth is very much necessary to flush out the food particles that have been removed. A good mouth wash, effectively removes the food particles and also freshens our breadth. Common mouth wash with Hexidine is perfectly suitable for rinsing the mouth.

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