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7 Reasons Why You Should Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth eruption or non-eruption is viewed with worries and there are reasons for it. One might wonder what might be the reasons for it. These days removal of wisdom teeth has become a norm during the early adulthood. Should all wisdom teeth be removed? When we analyze the reasons why wisdom teeth are removed, then there is an automatic answer to the question, should they be removed compulsorily.

Reasons why wisdom teeth are removed

  • When wisdom teeth erupt partially and not fully, they might sometimes inflame the surrounding softer gum tissue. This inflammation is termed as pericoronitis.
  • Similarly, wisdom teeth sometimes may not erupt properly. They might be lying in an angle where they cannot erupt fully. Sometimes they are angled so much that they can begin to impact the adjacent teeth. This is called wisdom teeth impaction. An impacted wisdom teeth cause pain.
  • When the above two conditions happen, they sometimes cause uneasiness in moving the jaw. This can cause mastication or chewing problems.
  • Pericoronitis or impacted wisdom teeth can easily lead to decay of tooth and subsequently gum diseases.
  • Pericoronitis or impacted wisdom teeth if left unattended to can first infect the tooth pulp and then the root of the teeth. Teeth root infection is common in the wisdom teeth that have not erupted properly.
  • When the teeth decay because of pericoronitis or impacted wisdom teeth and there is no medical intervention done, they might begin to infect the gum tissues and cause gingivitis. If gingivitis is also left untreated, it might lead to periodontitis. This is a condition where the jaw bones get the infection and they begin to recede as a result. When they progress they can lead to adjacent healthy teeth becoming loose and eventually falling off.
  • Sometimes cysts can form around the newly erupting wisdom teeth. The cysts formed so have the potential to damage the nerves.

When not to remove the wisdom teeth?

If the seven points discussed above are not happening and when the wisdom teeth are found to be erupting properly, fully, in the right position not impacting the adjacent teeth, and functioning properly like any other teeth and not causing any crowding, then there is no need to remove the wisdom teeth.

Dr Sravanthi, one of the top dentists in Kilpauk, Chennai says that there are many individuals with wisdom teeth for whom they have properly erupted and are not causing any significant trouble. Despite that, she recommends to have your dentist check and tell with a conviction that they would not cause any damage in the future.

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