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The Differences between Zygoma and Conventional Implants

Edentulism is the medical term of being toothless. If a few teeth are lost, it is called partial edentulism. If all the teeth are lost, it is known as complete edentulism and the person who has no teeth or has lost all teeth are called “edentulous”. As humans, we are prone to lose a few or all of our teeth as we age. Losing a few or all of our teeth can have a major impact on our life. Despite newer advancements in the field of preventive dentistry, edentulism is still a major public health problem worldwide. Although steps are taken to prevent tooth loss, it is still not completely eradicated.

Though false teeth cannot completely replace natural teeth, it surely can mimic their major properties. One of the challenges with dental implants is candidate selection. Though most of the edentulous can receive dental implants, some cannot receive dental implants. One of the major factors that dentists consider before selecting patients for dental implants is jaw bone mass. Since dental implants are anchored to our jawbones, adequate jaw bone mass is a necessity. But with newer and innovative dental implant technologies even people with poor jaw bone mass can get dental implants.

What are Zygoma Implants?

Zygoma Implants are mostly recommended for people with severe jaw bone loss. Since the people who are selected for having Zygoma Implants have an atrophied jaw bone, the Zygoma Implants are fixed onto the Zygoma bone (cheekbone) as the name suggests. This is done because the zygoma bone or the cheekbone is the bone above the upper jaw that is strong enough to anchor the dental implants. Zygoma Implants are longer in size than conventional implants.

How does Zygoma Implants differ from Conventional Implants?

Unlike conventional dental implants, Zygoma implants completely anchor to the Zygoma bone or cheekbone. Zygoma Implants can be fitted for people with severe upper jaw bone loss, unlike conventional dental implants for which adequate jaw bone mass is mandatory. People with less jaw bone mass were subject to bone grafting before going in for fixing conventional dental implants. The challenge here was some patients’ bone grafting fails due to many reasons. So the advent of Zygoma Implants is indeed an advantage for people with severe jaw bone loss.

Zygoma Implants also comes with the advantage of allowing you to chew and bite food the same week after surgery.

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