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What is sinus induced toothache and how to relieve it?

Toothaches can be quite irritating and it usually ends up disrupting a person’s daily routine. The pain can be unbearable sometimes. Most often, toothaches are caused due to tooth decay. Sinus infection or sinus inflammation (sinusitis) is also one of the reasons for a toothache. The toothache occurring due to sinusitis is due to the increased sinus pressure and by the drainage from sinus infections. The increased pressure in these sinus cavities pushes down the roots of the upper molar located below the nasal passages causing pain.

What are Sinus Cavities?

Sinus cavities are air-filled spaces found in our facial bones. There are four sinus cavities that are located behind our eyes, cheekbones, and forehead. The sinus cavities serve to moisten and warm up the air we breathe. The mucous lining within our sinus cavities filters the debris and dust from entering our lungs. When our sinuses are irritated, the tissue lining the sinus cavity gets blocked with fluid, causing congestion and exerting pressure leading to a pain in the upper molar. This is because the root of the upper molar resides nearer to the sinuses and hence the pain.

How can we differentiate between a sinus induced toothache and a normal toothache?

Sinus induced toothaches are quite similar to regular toothaches. However, sinus induced toothaches are predominantly felt in the upper molars only. Another distinct feature of sinus induced toothache is that it affects several teeth rather than a single tooth. Sinus toothaches are also accompanied by pain around the eyes or forehead, thick and discolored mucus, ear pain, sore throat, lack of smell and taste are some of its symptoms. If you experience toothache along with these above-mentioned symptoms, it may be a sinus-induced toothache. However, an isolated toothache is most probably caused due to tooth decay.

How to relieve a sinus induced toothache?

It is always advised to make a visit to your dentist if you are experiencing any type of toothache. Here are a few tips to relieve the tooth pain caused due to sinus pressure:

  • Take hot steam sessions. Inhaling hot moist steam will open your nasal passages and relieve your sinus pressure.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water.
  • Consume foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as tomatoes, olive oil, nuts, spinach, greens, etc.
  • Add Calcium and Vitamin C rich foods such as leafy vegetables, bean sprouts, citrus fruits to your diet. Vitamin-C is known to increase immunity.
  • Eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids which are great for relieving inflammation.

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