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5 Minor Dental Emergencies and their First Aid

Mishaps happen and sure they are not in our hands. Despite taking precautions, sometimes minor mishaps take place. These minor mishaps or accidents can cause dental emergencies. We shall now look into some minor dental emergencies and how to give first aid in case it happens.

(1) Sudden Extreme Tooth Pain

This can be only because of a 3 reasons. A neglected dental carries or tooth decay, neglected gum health or due to impacted tooth. If a sudden pain occurs in the midnight you can opt for a 24 hour dental clinics to get emergency dental care. Or you can check with your family dentist and ask for any emergency prescription drugs. In situations where you have taken prescription drugs it is always good to visit your dentist first thing in the morning to get a first hand confirmation of what caused the pain.

(2) Cracked tooth

Cracked tooth not only can happen during minor mishaps, they can also happen if you bite on hard objects or foods. In such a scenario, you have to rinse your mouth just to clean and keep the dental area infection free. But visit your dentist immediately to keep things under control.

(3) Broken tooth

Rinsing the oral region with warm water is mandatory to ward off infection and keep the dental area clean. The broken tooth serves no purpose and cannot be reattached by any means. You can as well discard it. Visit you dentist immediately to replace the broken tooth.

(4) Complete Knocked-off tooth

If your permanent teeth gets completely knocked off, blood would ooze definitely.from the gum that has given away the tooth. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to keep the infections off. Salvage the knocked off tooth. Rinse the knocked off tooth too with water carefully so that all dirt is removed. It is imperative that you keep the knocked off tooth moist. The best option is to keep the complete tooth below the tongue. Rush to your dentist immediately within 30-45 minutes of the incident.

(5) Bitten tongue or lip

An accidental hard bite to the tongue or lips can cause bleeding. So the primary first aid is to stop bleeding. So press the area that is bleeding with cold compression by applying gentle pressure. The bleeding would mostly stop and the pain also would subside. If the bleeding is continuous and does not stop even after 10-15 minutes, get yourself treated in the hospital.

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