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Correcting Dental Spacing – The Orthodontical Treatment

The thought of the presence of space between your two front teeth lingers in your mind and has caused much anxiety. You decide to correct it and you have approached your Orthodontist. Here are the treatment options available to you to correct the dental spacing condition you have.

If Spacing is due to over sized labial frenum

We talked about a condition where the mid partition muscle found in the upper part of the inner lip overgrows to cause dental space. The spacing caused by this condition is rectified first by performing a minor surgery called frenectomy where this overgrowth is simply removed. After this the space is conspicuous and other treatment procedure available for people with dental spaces are undertaken.

Treatments for Closing the Dental Space

  • The first best option available for closing the dental space permanently is the provision of dental braces. Many types of dental braces are available now like metal and ceramic braces, self -ligating braces, lingual braces, Invisalign etc. However the consulting dentist should be in a position to tell you which one would suit you better due to teeth structure. You need to understand the implication of wearing the braces for a long period of time which can sometimes extend to 2-3 years also.
  • The other option available is using porcelain veneer that will be fixed to the two upper teeth. Veneers are bonded to the outside of the teeth by scrapping a thin coating of the enamel. This type of treatment gives you immediate result but the possibilities of Veneers wearing out or breaking is not ruled out based on how we maintain.
  • It can be closed with Ceramic caps also. If the space is very wide, the only option available is the braces.

Dental Spacing in Children

The general  notion is, the spacing in children waters down and closes naturally as they grow. But it is always better to consult a Dentist who will evaluate the problem first hand to find if the spacing is because of the teeth only or because of both the teeth and the bone.

In case the problem is only because of the teeth, the correction can be done after the growth period which is after 13 to 15 years. If the problem is because of both the teeth and the bone, the correction should be attempted before the growth period ends.

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